Diversity Vendor Supplier

Being a woman and a minority-owned business, we support our client’s commitment to promoting diversity and equity within its supply chain and broader business practices. 

Contingent Workforce Solutions

In the rapidly changing industry, many clients seek temporary/contingent staff to manage costs and meet urgent needs. Navigating temporary recruitment complexities is crucial for success. Our staffing solutions provide access to pre-screened professionals tailored to enterprise needs, ensuring compliance and top talent. Whether for projects or expansions or short term backfills, we’re equipped to meet your contingent workforce needs.

Permanent (Full time) Hires

Themesoft give clients a single, end-to-end platform to directly fulfill their hiring needs. Through an integrated approach combining technology, data, and services, we enable our clients to leverage their brand to attract, curate, and engage talent communities.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for the health of any business. We work with you to ensure diversity is at the forefront of your organization and that your workforce reflects the broader population, leading to better decision-making, enhanced problem-solving, and an increase in overall performance. We know first-hand that inclusion helps build a positive company culture, better employee engagement, higher job satisfaction, and increased productivity.

Employer of Record Solutions

Our Employer of Record Service provides a premium talent experience to help you attract and retain the strongest freelance workforce. Managing the employment relationship end-to-end, we streamline and simplify the process for both clients and talent, including onboarding, payroll and benefits, making sure talent are satisfied and supported, mitigating co-employment risk, and handling all compliance and record-keeping responsibilities.