Today, the integration of digital technology can no longer be an isolated, project-by-project afterthought. To be successful, integration must become part of a larger customer engagement strategy built around APIs and mobile apps.

The rise of APIs and mobile apps for digital transformation projects requires companies to rethink how they expose and deliver data, content and features to application developers and consumers. Over the past 15 years, many companiess have implemented service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enable re-use of services, provide flexibility and scalability, and to allow interoperability between services and applications with orchestration. Traditional SOA enables firms to improve connectivity between product lines and business units across the enterprise, but doesn’t provide the speed and agility required to deliver innovative digital experiences.

To deliver a connected digital experience firms need a modern infrastructure that:

  • Scales to billions of users
  • Puts cloud and mobile first
  • Is secure at all points of the engagement
  • Enables end to end visibility