Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on enabling computers to behave like humans by simulating human-like decision-making and execution. AI systems can be very simple like business rules that replicate a simple human decision or complex like executing real-time customer “conversations” in a call-center. Machine Learning (ML) is the subset of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the extraction of patterns from data sets. Not only does ML enable computers to find rules for optimal behavior, but it also allows them to adapt to changes in the world.

Advances in data processing speeds, lower costs, and big data make AI and ML a reality for organizations today. For example, modern customer interaction systems now frequently include actual “learning”, the ability of the system to consistently improve performance through interpretation of historical data, actions taken, and an understanding of a successful outcome.

In today's world of disruption with APIs, Big Data, and IoT; companies are collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data to inform their business and gain a competitive advantage. Leveraging AI and ML as a channel to improve operations, drive customer engagement, and optimize your customer experience will help your company keep pace.

Benefits of AI and ML

  • Making focused recommendations for personalization
  • Adding intelligence to digital marketing
  • Predicting sales pipeline
  • Providing intelligent decision making to customer service
  • Automating and streamlining processes